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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Old Times

Sorry if it's been such a long time since my last post.  There have been a few things occupying my mind lately that are neither here nor there.

I daresay that IE8 is superior to FF3, having used both the past few weeks.  Microsoft's Internet Explorer on my Vista machine runs much smoother and requires less memory than Firefox.  Opera 9.5 is falling by the wayside.  

Without extensions, IE8 performs quite well.  Firefox, though it may try and be standards compliant, can't quite match IE8.  Firefox, I'm beggining to realize, is merely netscape with some useful extensions
Lastly, and we're talking the only browser I've used exclusively for the past 5 years, Opera is beggining to be the middle of everything.

Opera was the first to pass the Acid 2 test, and continues to adhere to the W3C standards.  I'm a huge supporter of any program that adheres to recognized standards, unfortunately Opera is seeking set-top-boxes such as the Nintendo Wii and DS to further its financial goals.

I used to write exclusively about these big three, as well as the smaller contenders, but unfortunately they've gone by the wayside.  Let us stop being homogeneous and have our developers support one another.  Only then will we ever see the same

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