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Friday, June 20, 2008


Browsers? or SaaS?

The online world has become more complicated in these past two years.  What used to be a question of "does it support AJAX?" has become "Does it support Acid3?"

Finally, the world of web browsers is beginning to come around and support WC3 standards.  I applaud all companies, from lowly Opera (to which I'm partial) all the way to Microsoft (which I loathe and use)

But now the online world is becoming even more complicated.  We now have Software As A Service, or SaaS.  This cringe worthy acronym is even worse in practice.  It's like rent to own furniture without the ownership or the furniture.

I shall, tomorrow, go further into why SaaS is not only the most expensive software that a company can employ, but also why it may be the least cost effective.

Here it goes again!

It's been nearly two years since I've updated this site...two very long years indeed.  It's about time I make a comeback.  After two years of constant studying of the economics of software, and economics in general, leads me to believe that the time is now for a fundit (Mo Rocca's play on words for a fun pundit).

I've taken my notes, the stories are here.  Check back shortly, I'll attempt a redesign of the site, and promise that many articles are one their way!

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