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Friday, June 20, 2008


Browsers? or SaaS?

The online world has become more complicated in these past two years.  What used to be a question of "does it support AJAX?" has become "Does it support Acid3?"

Finally, the world of web browsers is beginning to come around and support WC3 standards.  I applaud all companies, from lowly Opera (to which I'm partial) all the way to Microsoft (which I loathe and use)

But now the online world is becoming even more complicated.  We now have Software As A Service, or SaaS.  This cringe worthy acronym is even worse in practice.  It's like rent to own furniture without the ownership or the furniture.

I shall, tomorrow, go further into why SaaS is not only the most expensive software that a company can employ, but also why it may be the least cost effective.

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