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Monday, January 31, 2005



Finally got the text field working in Opera, so yay that. Some damn setting, and now I have to manually write the html code, but oh well, that's relatively simple. Welcome to any South Park Conservatives coming through here, and really anyone else. New guy in town, and I don't think I bite. Slow day, getting finished with class over at LSU, if anyone is wondering where I hail from. Probably not, but anyways.

I'm amazed at how well the Iraqis have done for themselves now. The election seems to have gone over relatively well, and since Jimmah Cartah wasn't there, I can only assume that the election was valid (unlike the Venezuelan and Ukrainian (first) Elections of last year). With these people well if you could, now comes the big three. Now that they have temporary representation (something that not even the Afghanis had until last October), they can get to work on a constitution, and after that, near the end of this year, there will be a "final" election, one which sets their government on it's way. May we be allies.

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