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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Amy's best friend is getting married in little more than a month, and I've been thinking. You see, the two are in deep debt (at least, for a couple of 20 somethings), and I've been thinking that they may need a hand. Now, there is a relatively popular debt managment specialist, Dave Ramsey, coming to town within the next few months. I'm going to bring it up with Amy wether or not I should advise them to attend. I've heard the guy on the air, and he does make some excellent points, mostly just good common sense and suggesting more budgetary responsibility. Mr. Ramsey also suggests putting away something between $50-100 monthly into mutual funds, etc. Unfortunately, he doesn't get much deeper than that, so in reality, this may not be the best way to go (probably a waste of money, and I can't afford that). But, check this space later for more, if any of you are interested.

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