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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Good morning everyone

Didn't get too much done yesterday. My mom is in the hospital, and I had to make sure that all my siblings were fed. I'm the oldest, Greg's 19, Tom's 17, and Monica is 14. We got Mom a "get well" card (thank you Amy, she really appreciated it, and knew it was your idea). Weirdest point of the night was when Dad had to check on how to do laundry. Nobody but mom or I knew how to do it, so after I got back I went and took care of the laundry. But, that's not all. I got to be the "Andrew Taxi Service" yesterday. I had maybe 30 mins to myself before 11 last night. First I had to pick up Tom and Monica from High School at three. And since Baton Rouge traffic is terrible, I got home at about 3:30. Then I had to bring Greg to class, then pick him up. Then I took monica to softball practise, then back home. Then went to visit Mom. And then had a pretty short phone conversation with Amy (i'm hoping that at some point this week we'll have more to talk about, at a time when we're not both tired). But i still couldn't fall asleep until 2am.

I've noticed some internationals through my records (in fact, I have more people coming in from GMT than Amy visits), and I'd just like to welcome all of you from out of town. You know, I didn't even consider that I'd be getting anyone from outside the states, and even if you're just here for a few seconds, I'd like to thank you for coming by. You know what, I'm going to continue this in another post.

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