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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Real Tax Reform

Hippies don't want their tax dollars going to defense, just like many conservatives don't want theirs to go to more than a few social programs, right? This may sound like an odd proposal, but what would be the harm in giving partial budgetary control to the American people? Congress may spend our money, but we need to find a better way to check the politicians because, in regards to taxation, the checks and balances system isn't working in our best interest. I propose an idea which I call Itemized Taxation.

In the broadst sense, the plan gives partial (I'd rather it be complete, but let's be real) choice in where your tax dollars go. Each department (treasury, etc.) is given a short description, as well as a blank space next to it. Every year, when a citizen pays his taxes, he is then shown a list of government departments and programs. He then puts a number next to each. This number represents the percentage of his paid taxes he would like to allocate to those departments and programs.

In light of such control, all departments must work towards more efficiency, and would have to spend some money on advertising, to remain sovent. To make this plan more attractive to law makers, 10% of the taxes must go to a general fund, that way any necessary program finding itself in a shortfall will still receive funding. Wasteful spending would come to an end, as every department is now actively on the market, and any wrong move by the department would result in less funding the next year.

This reform must first be introduced to a state, as the Federal Government would resist such a drastic change. If, in a smaller "market" the plan succedes, it can then be implemented in other states, and eventually the Federal Government would be compeled (through elected means) to change.


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