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Wednesday, February 02, 2005



Look, I think that the tax structure of this nation really needs a second look. The state of North Carolina seems to have the right idea. Tax Stamps for illegal drugs. You see, taxing is a difficult matter. What should we tax? What can't we? Here in Louisiana, everything you purchase is taxed (about 9 percent), whereas in New Jersey, where I grew up, the necessities (food, clothing) weren't taxed. Yes, I agree that in this case New Jersey got it right, however, their income tax is outrageous, where Louisiana's is, well, not acceptable, but much lower. Property taxes, Luxury taxes, all of these things have one thing in common. They're good things being stigmatized by a tax. Now, enter North Carolina and their Drug Stamp tax. If you are caught with any illegal drug, you must provide a North Carolinian issued Stamp that states you have paid taxes on it. You can purchase these stamps at any police office. Now, if you fail to provide said stamp and are caught by a police officer, you will be heavily taxed based on the ammount (and what) you are carrying. So far, an $8,000 investment has raised millions of dollars, some of which has been returned to the police, the rest is put in the general fund. Now, I don't know anyone else's thoughts on this, but I know what I think, 2 birds, one stone. I also think that alcohol is taxed terribly insufficiently here in Louisiana. Too many drunks on the road, and it seems the entire state has an drinking problem during any holiday. Now, I realize that society here seems to breed it into the system, but it shouldn't be the case. I'm not gonna tell anyone to not have a few drinks, but I'd rather more of the government be paid for by items with a negative connotation (and a health risk).

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