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Sunday, March 20, 2005



So I don't know what to do , think, or say. Up until yesterday, 3/19, everything was going along well. Amy came in the sunday before, and we got more alone time, as well as work done together, than we usually ever get to do. But then friday night, through sunday, everything between us has gone suddenly stale. She wants to stay together, but take a break. I had set up a vacation with her to Beaumont, where she lives, for this week, leaving today. But now that may not happen. Amy wants some time alone to think about us, to take a passive role and to figure out whether we should stay together or not. Last night, after I had heard everything, I decided that an active role was the best way to handle this situation. I'd like to go to Beaumont with her, as I do need that vacation. If I don't go, this may be the end of it all. A year and a half gone to waste. No. I promised myself that I would stay positive throughout this situation. Ordeal, actually. I want what's best for her, because what's best for her is best for us. And I could go on, but I won't. I'm going to wait to talk to her today, get some things figured out, and then this story will go on. To either an ending, or a new beginning.

I love her.

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