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Friday, March 11, 2005


Saving Ourselves

I have a huge problem with the state of social security. Specifically, why am I told that I MUST give my money to the government (who will "look after it"), only to have that money given back to me when I'm older? There is another problem, I'm told, that involves solvency. Yeah, right. Social Security will always be solvent, they don't have to give me that money back, they can instead give it to some guy who thought "why don't I not save, that way the government has to pay me!" Problem with that line of thinking is, if you didn't save for your retirement you have no right to complain when you're 80 and hungry. Ok, I'm finished, no more political correctness here. Welcome to life, I only care about myself, my family, and a few other people thrown into the mix (at my discretion). I don't care about somebody else's grandma. I care about my own, I don't want you caring for her also.

Look people, you have to stop relying on other people. I'm sorry if I come across as uncaring, but I am. If you piss off your children, don't expect them to take care of you when you're old. If you don't save your money now, you won't have any when you're out of work. You need some investments, be actively involved in your finances, otherwise no one can help you. A year ago I needed to save for a "new" car. I'm not there yet, but I gotta tell you, I killed my spending. I'm not buying albums any more, I quit smoking, I cut down on my coffee intake (and this is the guy who practically had an IV filled with the stuff). I didn't demand that my government buy me a new car, did I?

I'm sick of it, I tell you. Maybe you've noticed, but we're no longer protected by the government. Used to be, back in the day, the government served very specific purposes. To defend us, to help us stay in touch, and to provide a nationwide monetary unit. We're killing each other, people. We're robbing ourselves because someone who didn't have the money wanted to have children. And the ones who didn't, we helped her pay to kill her kid. People with drug addictions aren't sent to a recovery program, they're sent to government housing and given a check.

I was going to write about saving Social Security, but while writing this, I changed my mind. We don't need to save a government program, we need to save ourselves. There are problems in our government and don't tell me you can't see it. No longer is our government protecting our interests, it's protecting itself. I'm going to remain a conservative who wants reform, I'd like to see some liberals who want reform, but as it is, we're funding the status quo, we've been static for 10 years. We need a change, and if we don't do it now, in another ten years it may be too late.

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