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Thursday, April 21, 2005


A Model Tech CEO

On April 21st, Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera ASA declared that if Opera received one million downloads by Saturday, he would swim from Norway to the US. Now, I looked at the press release and kind of chuckled to myself. Of course he isn't serious, right? Folks, I realize that he very well may be. This man believes in the strength of his product, and is willing to go that extra mile (pun intended) to ensure the well being of his employees and the software users. Think of the publicity this will generate if Opera is downloaded one million times by Saturday. And think of Bill Gates and Ben Goodger (the developer of Firefox), would either of them ever attempt to do something so insane? These two would rather throw money towards publicity and image.

"Opera 8 is launched under the campaign heading "Speed, Security, Simplicity" to firmly position Opera as the fast, secure and easy-to-use browser. However, Opera's communications department clearly sees the potential for two parallel campaigns with their CEO's daring act of oceanic bravery:

Opera 8: Speed, Security, Simplicity
Opera's CEO: Speedos, Shrinkage, Spoke-to-soon-icity"

If you'd like to help Mr. von Tetzchner on his voyage to the US, you can download Opera here:

Download Opera

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