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Monday, May 16, 2005


Better Branding

I'm going through an identity crisis. Perhaps you are too, if you run a blog. I ask myself, "what's in a name". Blogs. That's right, this horrible horrible name we've given ourselves just isn't cutting it any more. I am not a blogger, but I'm not a journalist, either. Not many people in the "blogosphere" are journalists, for that matter. What we are is a group of independent opinion columnists. We trade ideas freely, while in search of others' thoughts. This is not my journal where I talk about the day to day goings on of Andrew. No, this is where I tell all of you what I think about certain issues, trends, and everything in between. Sure, sometimes I get personal, but this isn't a Web Log. This is something more.

I am an Indie Op/Ed. Free of any editor, with the ability to focus on any subject at my whim, not some newspaper's.

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