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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Look, everyone

It's kind of humourous, the whole "Live Aide" thing. And not in the way you may be thinking. I just realized that "Live Aide" = "Live 8". Ha Ha. Anyways, what I'd like to convey is this link, as seen on Drudge (God of all), Here/> is a great example of why western philosphy will continue to prosper and develop. All I know of Sir Bob Geldoff is his work in "The Wall", yet any help to developing nations can only be considered as good in the eyes of both the West and the "Free World", of which, if I recall, we have a few new members. Do not ever let anarchy take precedent over freedom. The free nations do, to on degree, have a moral obligation to develop third nation countries. Yes, that will mean higher profit margins for us in the west for a few years, but maybe 20 at most, as the third world will continue to develop. I hate saying it, but Live Aide may very well be our final hope in maintaining a United States deomocracy (yes, we are at risk, and I will write about it more within the next few days, as it is something close to my heart), as well as the entire western philosphy of freedom and individualism.

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