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Thursday, September 29, 2005


AnyLetter's Lament

Have I got a problem.  I just finished writing a paper for class in Writely.  Not only do I like it and it works, but I'd like to use it as often as possible.  It interfaces with Blogger much better than Office 2003 ever will.  Hell, I may just get rid of Office 2003, and just use Writely altogether.  Now I may have already mentioned this, but Writely doesn't work with Opera at all.  This is unfortunate, but also a way of life for third-party browser users.  I've gotten used to it, and don't care whether the problem is with Opera or Writely.  It's a problem, and I'll do what I have to do to work around it.  So I present to you Firefox.  Bleh.  Slow loading soviet era browser with the functionality of a cup of coffee.  It'll get you where you want to be, but not much more than that.  And yes, I can always add cream and sugar to my coffee, much like you can add extensions to your browser.  But it's still a cup of coffee (man, and I don't even like cream and sugar in my coffee).  But one thing Firefox does is AJAX. 

When I first started using Blogger, I'd use Firefox to post, but after that "break" I took in March (and got off of early this month), I got used to using Opera with it's limited functionality, or Blogger for Word.  Both did what I wanted, but right now I want more, I want something that makes Blogging easier, with a little bit more eye candy and functionality.  From now on I'm stuck with Firefox, though I pray that the boys at Opera get their stuff together and come out with better AJAX support (that is, if it's their AJAX support that is lacking, and not Writely's problem with coding for Opera users.  Shit's happened before, right Microsoft?).  So if my posts sound a little pissy for the next few hours, blame it on the Fox, okay? 


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