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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Community Renewal

Now's the time to fix this town up. The sheer amount of unused square footage in Baton Rouge can now be put to good use. We have two empty wal-marts, and several huge grocery stores which have gone out of business years ago. Baton Rouge ought to use these places, setting up cubicles for makeshift schools. A friend of mine who's an employee in the school system says that attendance is up 100% , putting nearly 50 children in each classroom. This is dangerous and hinders learning, as it provides a poor learning atmosphere. With these new students came new teachers, and if we can make enough room for them, then their studies won't be lost in the evacuation. But the time to act is now, Louisiana, the Baton Rouge school system cannot function at twice capacity for very much longer (and it's only been just a few days).

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