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Wednesday, September 07, 2005



It'll make you feel better, grow taller, lose weight and improve your sex life. Oh, and it'll help out a lot of people who are really in the hole right now. You know, donating is only a temporary solution to what is now a long term problem. Yes, all these displaced people need money, need clothes and food and water, but soon there'll be a new problem. Unemployment.

If anyone reading this is of an entrepreneurial mind and has some start up capital with a willingness to move, Baton Rouge needs housing, and many other businesses that are associated with a growing population. We need it, and if you can help get people in the area a job, it'll be more rewarding than if you just sent a few grand over to the Red Cross. It'll increase your wealth as well as that of many people who really need it. Long term wealth.

Though, if you feel like donating to the Red Cross, go ahead and do that, even if it's a few bucks. It's sure to help. It's a proven fact that donating money makes you feel wealthier, and when you feel wealthier you tend to become wealthier. So, how bout that, maybe $5 to the Red Cross. We know you want to.

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