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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Internet Explorer and FEMA, the Model of Efficiency

Slashdot has a great little blurb here. FEMA will only allow you to apply for online assistance using Internet Explorer. So if you are an evacuee who uses a Mac or Linux machine, as though you didn't have enough by way of annoyances, add this one to your list. Sure, one may call me a bit of a browser snob (check out Opera), but is something like this really necessary. No wonder the US people think Microsoft is dangerously close to being a monopoly, the government is doing all it can to make it happen. Granted, there's probably a way around this editing Opera's ua.ini, and if you want a fix, i'll do it upon request. Both Firefox and Opera are very good at hiding the fact that they're not Internet Explorer, it just takes a little work and practice.

Oh, and this is only the first complaint out of a series on FEMA.

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