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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

I'm very proud that I write politics seldom. Even if I suffer from lack of traffic, it feels good to not be either a political blog or an angsty blog. But I gotta say something. I hate the republican party right now. And I claim to be one...weird. You see, I pride myself on being an intellectual conservative. I have great friends who are liberals, and I can't seem to stand other republicans. My problem is I can sum up the Republican Party in two groups: it feels like there are 5% intellectual conservatives, based purely on personal philosophy and life experiences. Then there's the 95% "God tells me to vote republican" types. These aren't republicans, they're leaches, and they're hurting the party. If these people could break away from the party, I'd be very very very happy. They don't seem to understand American politics, or why they're voting, aside from "Bush is a religious man". Ignore the fact that Kerry probably was, also. Insufferable, ignorant pricks. And I have to share this party with them. Bleh. Makes me wonder why I even participate in American politics sometimes. And you can't talk to these people, or at least I can't. They're not up for debate (they're right, no matter what, cuz God told them so, and they have guns to back them up). And they keep fucking! All these little homeschooled backward children running around, inheriting their parent's views.

Maybe the intellectual liberals and intellectual conservatives can break away and create our own party. We typically get along pretty good, even though we disagree. Ah, if only the world were perfect.

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