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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Opera is Free (now with writing goodness)

So yesterday I was a little lazy, didn't post much, and what I did post sucked. Big time. I can admit it. But hey, Opera's free, so everything is good. Right?

This puts Opera ASA in a very peculiar position. It's income from the desktop browser was getting smaller and smaller, and it was time to do something. But, the company gets income from it's built in search, from Google and other companies. How much, I couldn't tell you, but enough to justify pulling ads out of the program and relying on just the search income. Now, with Opera being free, we should see a surge in usage. More people using it means more income coming from Google (supposedly, we'll see). Add to that the fact that most of the company's income comes from it's mobile browser, and you've got a fairly profitable company. That's why I love this browser, not only does it work well, but the people who work on it are rather enjoyable, and the company seems to know exactly how to spin PR.

8.50 is out, and it's been fixed up some. "Feel Free." Now we wait for "Merlin". Who knows what will come with Opera 9, but I sure sounds like it'll be revolutionary.

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