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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Population Woes

Four houses on my block were for sale last week, all sold by Friday. The apartment company that I currently work for has leased at least 40 apartments since Tuesday of last week. Baton Rouge has grown, and I believe that this will be a great thing. Others disagree. People here in town are worried that we've taken on all of New Orleans' riff raff. Even the local ghetto residents are scared.

I, however, take a different view. And let me be frank, but I'm usually a cynical pessimist. Taking on an overwhelming number of refugees, many of whom are here to stay, means nothing but good for Baton Rouge. Now I've been here for over six years, and the local economy has been beyond stagnant. Granted, I'm from New Jersey, so my perception may be skewed, but it seems to me that if it doesn't include getting drunk, going to a movie, or making an ass out of yourself, it isn't fun in Baton Rouge. To say that we need a cultural renewal is an understatement. Yet there was a place, just an hour down the interstate from here, that had some form of culture. Hopefully, we'll get some art in town, perhaps see an opera or two, and a more visible Baton Rouge Symphony. We'll just have to wait and see, but I for one remain hopefull.

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