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Monday, September 12, 2005


Software Review: AOL Browser

The other day I downloaded a beta for AIM, known as Triton. I'm not a big fan of AIM, though truth be told, I do enjoy it's protocol. I use Gaim (an open source alternative) to access my AIM account and talk to my friends. But I'm an open minded kind of guy, so I figured to give Triton a try. Unimpressed once again, I was about to uninstall it, until I noticed a new icon on my Desktop. AOL Browser. I groaned to myself, I thought I'd tried out every browser in existence (though I have yet to write about them all). So here's yet another Browser review for all you out there who might care (and those who don't).

First of all, the User Interface. The UI is clean, though a little too much white was used, to the point of overwhelming the user. I also couldn't help but notice how similar to Opera the interface is, especially the layout of the Tabs. Yes, it has tabs, not true MDI, but it's not something I'd like to harp on right here. I've come to turns with tabs, even if I don't prefer them.

Ha! It's an Internet Explorer shell (big surprise there), which always seems to be a cop out. It isn't a Browser at all, just another of the many pretenders who think that modifiying the way IE looks is a new product altogether. Grrr.

And it does what all IE shells try to do, and that is to make IE look and function more like Firefox and Opera (note: more grrring here). The name is different, but the result is the same. Try a real alternative instead of hiding the fact you use an inferior browser, and Get Firefox or Sing Opera

Download Opera

*Got get 'em Questionable Sexuality Super Opera Man!

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