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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Want to Lower Gas Prices?

Recognize it for what it is, a necessity. I'm the type of person who thinks that gas is nearly as important as food. But how would you feel if you had to pay a 21% tax on a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread? There'd be no avoiding the high cost of living due to such a steep tax on food. Look, I think it's irresponsible and repressive for a state or federal government to levy taxes on necessities, be they gasoline, food, or clothing.

So when your congressman, your president, and your governor all say that they really feel for you, what with the high gas prices, ask them this: “What are you doing about it?” I bet repealing or reducing the gas taxes are the last on their list. 21% of $3.00. That's 63 cents off of every gallon going out of your pocket and fueling (no pun intended, honest) growing bureaucracies. We're in the middle of a mini fuel crisis, and even a temporary reduction of taxes will be sure to help. And I can imagine that lower prices at the pump mean more voters checking your name.

It's time to let your government know where to stick that pump.

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