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Thursday, September 29, 2005



I'm trying out  Writely, and although it has a few bugs, it isn't all that bad.  There are three things in this world of ones and zeroes that I like, and that's office software (if you can name it, I've tried it), browsers, and AJAX applications.  Though I've got one problem, and that's the fact I can't have all three yet.  Sure, when Opera starts supporting Ajax, things will be wonderful and the world will find peace and all that crap, but until then I'm stuck.  Blogger is useless when running Opera (doesn't have the WYSIWYG functionality), so my options are to use Firething or Office 2003.  This puts me in another predicament, I have been using Openoffice for quite some time and have gotten used to it.  Damn, Office 2003 blows that program out of the water.  If for some reason you disagree, just compare load up times.  2003, while slow, still opens faster than Open Office.  Yet another problem with Open Source software, just takes too damn long.
So, you folks at Opera who may be paying attention, WYSIWYG, now!  Oh hell, I don't really need it.  What I need is Ajax support.  That way I won't have to install another piece of office software ever again.  To say Writely loads faster than either Open Office or Office 2003 doesn't give it justice.  And it works, well aside from the bugs, but that's to be expected for something that's still in beta.  So give this baby a try, it sucks a whole lot less than the other programs out there.


It even allows my links to be poppable, for all you poor poor IE users without tabs. You're welcome

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