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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Carnival of Computing 1.0.2

This week's Carnival is really short. It has been an unexpectedly busy week here at Anyletter's, so I only had time to do what you see here. Yes, it's a shame and a crime, but it is what it is. Importantly, if you want to see this Carnival grow, go ahead and submit a blog post at Conservative Cat's Submission Form. Take care everyone, and hope to see you next week (with many more links. Oh, and I've got a post, I got an interview with Writely's Co Founder

Alex Bendig's Not Just Code has an excellent post that reminds us: Google's interface is difficult, though it is perceived as simple. You ever try to use one of their excellent features from the main page? Simple? Hah.

Robert Scoble's Scobeleizer reviews "The Search", an explanation of what has happened to the search industry in general. A good review from a good writer. He gives the "phantom" 13th Chapter...Search in Context. The amount of noise we all get in any of our search engines can be annoying and counter efficient.

Though this doesn't fall under the computing category, I'll leave no link unposted, especially if you used Conservative Cat's submission form. So without further ado, Satire let's us know that with the recent news that psychopaths make the best stock brokers, investment firms are now partnering with mental hospitals. In fact, after the news, stock prices of the mental hospitals up an insane 942%. Ha! Satire, people, we all need a laugh (especially if you're stuck at work right now).

Josh Cohen of Multiple Mentality gives us some quick trackback tips. Sure, many of us already know most of this, but look, up until last week, I'd have been trackwha? Usefull advice. Besides, who can't help to smile at the phrase "well praise the Lord and suck no more!"

Coyote explains his reasons for leaving Microsoft Office to use Open Office. Sounds like he's going all the way open source, using Thunderbird for email and browsing with Firefox. More power to him. Coyote is a Carnival of the Capitalists staple, and I welcome him to the Carnival of Computing, may we see more of him in the coming weeks.

Barbara wants to let us know that Sarbanes-Oxley sucks. Really. "I work in IT (Information Technology). I used to have an exciting, creative job, I created system solutions to solve business problems and increase productivity. Thanks to the new Sarbanes-Oxley laws, my job is now mired in so much bureaucracy that motor vehicle personnel are green with envy." IT may only get worse.

Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing wants to tell you about IP Democracy, which focuses on "the interaction of IP media and democratic systems and principles." Go check out his post.

Michael Abraham, a contributor for Killer Tech, compares Windows Media Player against iTunes. Is this just a sneak at what's to come in the "media player" wars? God, I hope not, we've got too many tech "wars" as it is.

Andrew Hughes of Anyletter scored an interview with Writely co-founder Sam Schillace earlier this week. It's fairly insightful, if I must say so, especially if you're looking for an alternative to MS Office or Open Office.

Chris Mclean's Randomly Geek reports that eDonkey is down. Good or bad, the news is definitely noteworthy.

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch, explains PubSub and it's list of the 1,000 most influential blogs. Is it reliable? Who knows, are any of it's competitors reliable?

Gavin of Codesnipers, details five mistakes that startup companies - in technology or not - regularly make early on.

Keith Casey, who writes for Casey Software Blog, gives us a recap of how a set of technology skills change in value over time


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