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Friday, October 21, 2005


For Hurricane Wilma...

You know, the more I look at the tracking model for Wilma, the more I remember that I will never live in Florida. Bit too risky, if you ask me. Bad enough living in Louisiana, where if the hurricanes don't kill you, the chemical plants will.

But I digress. I'm sick of this hurricane season. Always am by now. It's a paradox, but why are these things such big news, and why aren't they even bigger in the news? Wilma, could you head over to Beaumont again? You can still worry about Tampa, but I want to see a certain person have to deal with another hurricane this year. And I'm banking on Wilma to do it. Ah, wishful thinking, I know. And if you live in Beaumont and you aren't a special someone, then forgive me for wishing bad weather on your town.

Oh, and after whoring myself to Technorati all day, I have to ask. What the fuck is a babyshamble? Geez.

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