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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm a Moron

Sure, I didn't have any posts pertaining to economics or the business world. But I should have. I hardly ever miss posting to the Carnival of The Capitalists, so I feel even more stupid for missing this week's. Sure I have been a bit on the "Blog news and Reviews" bent, as blogshares calls me because when they looked at my site they saw three Carnivals. But you know, I think I'm going to take Soccer Dad's advice, and that's to get some work done. I'll focus on the Carnival of Computing as it comes. That's not until Thursday, so I've got time. Unfortunately, the Carnival hasn't been getting the interest I thought it would. Or at least it hasn't gotten as much visibility as I'd hoped. No matter, I'm gonna keep on working on it until that fatefull day when it starts traveling. As I've said before, the Carnival of Computing doesn't travel because I have to gather all the links by hand, and until that gets more automated, I can't with good conscience make someone else do that. Takes at least four hours, and I doubt that many people have that kind of time (hell, I sure don't). But hey, let's make this the only Carnival oriented post of the day. I'll try and get not only tech posts but also an economics post or two. Won't that be an idea (and y'know, if i've got a good business post, I'll immediately submit it to next week's CotC).


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