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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Spring Cleaning

Gmail tells me I've got more than 4,000 emails.  That's not cool.  So I'm thinking I'll spend a couple of hours cleaning it all out.  I should have done this ages ago, but you know how it is.  Besides, way too many of those 4,000 are from a "wonderful" ex of mine, and I really don't mind erasing her from my life.  Ah to be bitter, it really is great sometimes.  If you're wondering why posting may be light today, now you know.  Though, today I've posted a bit more than I have the past few days (burnout from three Carnivals, you see), and I'm in one of my natural Blogging atmospheres: a coffee shop with wireless.  Though I've found another great place to do some posting is from class.  Yeah, I'm a bad student (who gets passing grades, so no matter).  Well, I'll keep you updated.  Shit.  That's a lot of email.

Got it down to just over 1,000. Much better than before (and Opera's mail client doesn't hate me any more).

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