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Monday, October 10, 2005


Who Dictates Gas Prices?

I heard this on Rush Limbaugh right before turning off the radio...who dictates the price of gas. Who is this one person? The media wants to know. Have we American's shunned any and all responsibility? Some days, that's what I think has happened. But let's dissect this, because it's important to know.

You do. Yeah, you dictate the price of gas. Oh, it's not just you. Me too. Everyone you work with, everyone you know. At least 300 million dictate the price of gas here in America. Everyone has used it (or has relied on someone else using it) at some point in their life, from the littlest baby to the oldest person. That's right, we're all a part of the gas economy, and since it's (for the most part) a free market economy, we all affect the price of gasoline.

Don't want high gas prices? You're not the only one. My Dad works for Exxon and he doesn't want high gas prices. But what would bring down prices? Don't drive so fucking much! That's it! Geez. Not only are you saving money by not driving as much, but you're also helping bring down the price of gasoline. If you want to drive a bit more, then you're adding to the price. And that screws me over (I'm amazed I can make it to class with prices so high).

So it's not just some Saudi Prince or Wall Street or "The Man". It's all of us, and we've all got to stop it. Use Mass Transit if you can, car pool to work and elsewhere (that's up to you, pal). Can we do this through the end of the year? Probably, if we put our minds to it. Mentally map out your routes to find the most efficient way to get from Point A to B to C. Make sure your gas cap is on tightly (that shit evaporates, remember).

Let's do this, everyone. It's up to us to bring these prices down, and if you don't keep that in mind, we're all screwed.

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