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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Writely Part 2

I had a revelation the other night.  Instead of using Firefoxto use Writely, why not Maxthon.  Besides, I think the Maxthon guys are nicer than the Firefox boys.  Just my opinion.  Granted, they ain't got nothing on the Opera folks, but that's because gotten to know them all much better (hell, the Opera CEO emailed me asking if I made it through Hurricane Katrina all right). 


So that's what I'm doing write now (groan, terrible pun).  I downloaded the new version of Maxthon (much better, guys), and It works.  It isn't Firefox.  It isn't Opera, but as far as working with Writely "my new toy", it does the job well enough. 


However, I've got a fairly slow system...600 mz, 256 megs of RAM.  Slow.  And as far as old systems go, Opera puts everyone out to shame.  I can't really afford the extra memory of having two browsers running, but it's much better than having a browser plus MS Office.  And a whole hell of a lot better than a browser plus Open Office.  Great program, but it's too much of a memory hog for me. 


But I think I'm drifting, so I better close this meme.  Not turning out the way it should have :) .


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