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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I am the Geopolitician!

I can't be the only one to notice these changes. What a weird world we live in, right? Last year I was all for democracy in Ukraine (The Land, which is why I refuse to call it "The" Ukraine), just ask a very "special" ex of mine. Granted, Eastern European politics strikes close to home with me, what with my Grandparents having to dodge a minefield to get from Hungary to Austria (with my Aunt Maria, born Marika, and my Grandmother pregnant with my mother). Touchy subject, and if I feel comfortable enough around you, it's a great story, full of suspense and intrigue. And I'm comfortable around everyone, unless you're gorgeous, then I'm just a tad bit shy. Anyways!

At times, I've been known to talk about American politics. Well, North American, at least (ask me about South America and how USA should handle the despots/dictators/democracies down there, why don't you).

Well hell, I'm off on so many tangents when all I really want to say is...Canada is fucked. Earlier today the equivalent to the House of Reps voted overwhelmingly against the Prime Minister and his party (elections begin in January to replace the current government). Now, I don't claim to have all the details (Though like Yuschenko, I'm intrigued, meaning I'll have all the information and then some within 24 hours, as well as opinions for and against).

National distrust in USA is one thing, we're large enough, population-wise, to accept most ways of life. It's our neighbooring countries which I sometimes worry about. Early in the 20th century there was the Catholic purging of Mexico, and now, early in the 21st century there is a liberal purging of Canada. Whichever side of the fence you're on, both are wrong. Everyone should be an acceptable human being, at the very least.

My friend, after I told him the news, said that Ca. was getting its act together, being more in line with it's brothers (USA and Australia) and it's father (GB). Now, I'm not a terribly aggressive person, but if one nation decides to act contrary to another, then so let it.

Fucking Americentrics.

It isn't all Western Hemisphere/48th parellel, you know. There are other people outside the USA, and when Canada (or as I sometimes call it, America's hat) collapses, it ought to mean as much to us as a collapse in Ukranian government meant to Russia.

Canada down, 192 nations to go (and I think France with all the rioting, though it may have died down, is next).

Republics/ Democratic Republics have been proven not to work. Only a true democracy, one without media intervention, can avoid the problems of a GWB or a politcal coup in Canada.

Right wing nutjob my ass.

It's time to relable myself. The geopolitician.

Give me more non americentric news and I will blow anyone out of the water. Beware, though, I may find the information out myself. Be careful of the man with interest.

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