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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Thoughts of Writely

It is, as some of you well know, fast becoming my favorite Web 2.0 application. Net Vibes is up there until they start at least allowing Opera 9 users to see what's wrong with their page (or with Opera). Writely is, of course, and AJAX based word processor (you access it through your browser). Today it became apparent to me why Writely strives to be an aide to bloggers.

On the surface, it is, as I mentioned, a word processor with limited features. Standing back and looking deeper, it's the base definition of a private blog. It's more a journal, of sorts, or can easily act as one. I use two types of labes when writing in it. Anyletter, of course, acts as a repository of blog posts (many of which have been submitted through Writely, though all mistakes have been my own), and Homework, which ought to be self explanatory.

I find the interface aesthetically pleasing, though yellow and green. Much more than MS Office, and it blows Open Office out of the water. I can't say that it beats either in functionality, though Writely isn't supposed to. Use it in a corporate setting and allow multiple employees to write and edit documents. Use it for homework and it becomes an excellent tool to back up all your work, especially if you're prone to needing to format your hard drive every few months, as I am.

Blogging is where Writely shines, whether it meant to or not, and I, as always, commend the team for designing an easy to use, working product with countless possibilities.

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