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Monday, January 16, 2006


Carnival of Computing 1.0.7

It's that time of week again. If I hadn't worked 70 hours last week I would have had this up much earlier. School starts back up for me tomorrow, and oddly enough that means I'll be able to stay on top of the Carnival instead of never getting around to it. In fact, I ought to be able to find a replacement site to take care of the Carnival for when I know I won't be around. But enough about the inner workings of the Carnival, why don't we go ahead and get right down to business this week. I know you probably don't come here to read my comments, you come because I'm a relatively useful (if not conistent) aggregator of tech blogs. Let's check out this week's (month's, really) best of the best:

Ilkka Kokkarinen of Sixteen Volts wonders why element insertion to dynamic set data structures is always easier than element removal. Honestly, as a business major this is geek to me, but after reading this post I was surprised at how I can still understand some concepts. Sixteen Volts is definitely worth the visit. Thanks to Ilkka for using the Blog Carnival Submission page.

Josh Cohen of Multiple Mentality likens all the updates needed for Microsoft applications to sticking with a cheating spouse. This post is worth it, especially for Josh's update at the end.

Josh also brings us this realization: given how easy it is to register a domain name and start a blog, it's no surprise how quickly someone will use a
news event to get hits on their site.

Adam the Sophistpundit has a few ideas on how blogging can be utilized in schools and businesses.

Elisa Camahort , host of previous Carnival of Computings, calls us to listen to Web 2.0 developers. Figuring I'm writing this in Writely, I have to agree with her.

Nick at ICT Blogger reminds us just how far wireless internet has come in the last year, and gives us a look ahead to WiMax


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