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Thursday, August 24, 2006

My laptop's ac adapter is down for the count and here I am writing everything on paper.  I've got nine posts written but not online.  I'll have to type it all tonight and tomorrow.  So here I am at this coffee shop and the most annoying thing occured.  This guy is talking on his cell non-stop, and loudly.  Talking about how he goes here once a week because the office is too noisy.  The room was thick with irony.  I manage to deal with this guy for about an hour until he sat just inches away so as to boot his laptop and send some emails.  Still on the phone, he begins mashing at his keyboard, talking loudly and being a general ass.

Then the old guys come in and start talking up a storm about how good it was in the 1800s.  I had to stop writing because I thought I was going to lose it.  I start reading when my phone rings.  I then get up and walked outside so as to not disturb anyone.  Now, yes, it isn't a library by any means so making a little bit of noise isn't such a big deal, but when someone is near you trying to work quietly, what's the harm in leaving them well enough alone?


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