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Monday, August 21, 2006


Writely In Open Beta

That wonderful web-based word processor Writely has undergone some changes since i wrote about it last. Earlier this year it was acquired by the online behemoth Google. While I still hold some trepidation over the acquisition, for the founders it was likely a wise decision. Some users may be apprehensive putting their documents on Google's servers, but the few who refuse to use the program now are nothing compare to the number of users Writely will attract due to its high profile owner Google.

The only real criticism I've seen was its lack of support of Opera. Sure, I may be a bit of an Opera fan boy, but these opinions came from non-Operacentric sites as Slashdot and Betanews. I only hope that past the acquisition, the Writely team and the Opera team continue to discuss further and better implementation.


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